1. GREEN FLAG - Will start the race. Cars may begin racing when green flag falls and not before.
2. YELLOW FLAG - All cars slow down to a safe speed and follows the car ahead of them at the time the caution was displayed. The cars will be again lined up as they were running on the last green flag lap.
3. RED FLAG - This flag means danger, stop as quickly as possible. Do not pass the flagman with the flag displayed. The cars will be again lined up as they were running on the last green flag lap
4. BLACK FLAG - This means pull into the pits. If a driver ignores a black flag for more than three laps he will no longer be scored.
5. BLUE WITH YELLOW STRIPES FLAG - Lap flag. Displayed to cars being lapped - must allow lead cars to pass. Stay in your groove either high low.
6. WHITE FLAG - One (1) lap to go.
7. CHECKERED FLAG - The Race is run. Its over.

A. NOTE: For all races, once the field has been given the first green flag for a start, NO changes of car will be permitted, even if the start becomes void.
B. To be the official leader of the race you must have completed the last complete green lap.
C. In the event of a caution, any car or cars that come to a stop due to being involved in the accident, (make contact) the caution flag was displayed for will line up in the rear for the restart.
D. Any car for which the yellow flag is displayed for must restart in the rear.
E. Any driver going to the pits under yellow or red must go to the rear of the field.
F. Any car that brings out the yellow flag 3 times in a single car caution must go to the pits.
G. Any car going to the pits for any reason after the first green flag has been given, must go to the rear, even if the race has a complete double file restart.
H. After the race is complete and you receive the checkered flag the top 3 must go straight to the scales. Do not by pass the scales and go to your pit area or you will be disqualified from the event. The top 5 must go to the scales in all our special events which pay extra money.

1. We will use the green light system. This system will be used for all starts for Heats, Consi's and Features.
2. The green light at the end of the front straightaway is under the control of the flagman and will be used on all starts.
3. After the "one to go " signal has been given, the field must maintain a moderate pace around to Turn Four, with the front row running side by side. Provided that the line up is good, the race will start at some point between exiting turn four and the flag stand. The race will not start until the green light is on.
4. Anticipating the start or firing before the start will be considered a penalty. The front row starters will receive only one free chance to get it right. After the 2nd attempt the start is not done right, the front row will move back a row and the 2nd row will start the race.
5. In the event of a caution, before the first lap is complete, due to a multi car accident, the field will be lined-up for a complete restart in the original grid order, provided there are no penalties to be assessed. If there are cars missing in the line-up, the remaining cars will move forward in the row with missing cars. If you go to the pits and make it back before the start you may line up in the rear of the field.

1. All restarts will be single file and start off turn 4 with the green light system, just like the original starts. There is to be no passing to the inside until you go past the flag stand. Any car passing to the inside on the restart before the flag stand will be moved back every position gained plus one at the next caution or the pay window, which ever comes first.
2. Any driver who comes to a stop during the race, and in the opinion of the Officials, has done so deliberately to cause a re-start, will be put to the rear before the race is restarted.